I am Eric Rivas, film director from Brooklyn NYC with 3 Wins at the Coney Island Film, a win at the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival and a Win at Newfilmmakers NY festival.  My Film Company is Called Diamond Minds since I call into my efforts many talented folks to help me make these visions i have in my head. As a diamond is multi faceted so are the many contributing talents that come into the mix of pure passion and basically no pay. Passion is our currency and persistence is our gift.



The trilogy has more to do with the mind then horror. Yet we are immersed int a world of vampires , zombies, witches anda mummy.

AC the lead character loses his daughter in an amusement park as he is attacked by vampires while she is on a ride. He cant remember anything after but she was left there in park with her blond mother on a bench and they never found each other.  She actually is abducted and raised by witches. The trilogy has to do with his search to find her. It begins in a biker town and I use real outlaw MC bikers from Brooklyn clubs with their own motorcycles.

Bikers become vamp bikers and the take over occurs as witches lurk and diminish the bikers. Untill finally AC faces his real enemy and abductor of his child (Michael Musto) an Evil Doctor. AC willl have to fight his way out of this.

I used some famous names in the film Dorsey Wright (hair the warriors 1979) Brian Tyler aka The Warriors Apache Ramos The Warrios Lillo Brancato Bronx tale Michael Musto Village Voice Angel Salazar Scarface.

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