Apache Ramos was born on December 24, 1953 in Brookly, ew York, USA as Gregory Roland Ramos. He is an actor, known for The Warriors (1979), Vamp Bikers Dos (2015) and The Genesis Project (2014). He has been married to Rae Chamblee-Ramos since October 12, 1984. They have one child.

Lillo Brancato Jr. (born March 30, 1976)[1] is an American actor, known for his performance as "Calogero Anello" in Robert De Niro's 1993 directorial debut, A Bronx Tale. He also played Matthew Bevilaqua, a young mobster on The Sopranos.

Ángel Salazar (born March 2, 1956) is a Cuban-American comedian and actor. He is known internationally for saying "Sheck it out" (check it out) before, during, and after jokes. He also co-starred with Tom Hanks in the film Punchline, and with Al Pacino in Scarface (as the character "Chi Chi") and Carlito's Way (as the character "Walberto"). Salazar has also appeared on Last Comic Standing and many HBO Comedy specials.[1]

Ronald Jeremy Hyatt (born March 12, 1953), better known by the stage name Ron Jeremy, is an American pornographic actor and filmmaker.[1]

Nicknamed "The Hedgehog", Jeremy was ranked by AVN at No. 1 in their "50 Top Porn Stars of All Time" list.[4] Jeremy has also made a number of non-pornographic media appearances and director Scott J. Gill filmed a documentary about him and his legacy entitled Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy, which was released in 2001.

A wild woman who when I met was a Director of academic administration and finance at Columbia. Shes a Great actress and has appeared on "Love lust or run" show. She was instrumental in Bringing Kayvon Zand, Daniel Dicriscio, Karen Fragala Smith and Ron Jeremy. 

DiCriscio, aka "The Messiah of Makeover" & "a Los Angeles Makeover King", received international recognition for his "jawdropping public makeover" on President Clinton's accuser Paula Jones, during the Clinton sex scandal. Prior to his work with Jones, DiCriscio had worked with O. J. Simpson trial players Kato Kaelin and Faye Resnick. DiCriscio's celebrity client list includes; Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, Stevie Nicks, Marilyn Manson, Paula Jones, Kato Kaelin, Faye Resnick, Chyna (Joanie Laurer), Sable (Rena Mero), The Barbi Twins, Star Jones, Ian Ziering, Nikki Ziering, Kathy Najimi, Dokken, Jamie Kennedy, Pussycat Dolls Kaya Jones, a bevy of Playboy Playmates including Kim Hefner, and a variety of others since the early 1990s.

Zand became a notable fixture in New York City nightlife after moving there from North Carolina.[4] He is the "ringleader" of the Zand Collective, a performance group of a dozen members.[1] In July 2010 he gained attention when his act was banned from the Highline Ballroom, as the venue deemed his act to be too shocking.[5][6]

He was nominated for a Paper Magazine award in 2012,[7] and he is known for throwing extravagant parties. His dark, dance party, Dorian Gray, ran for the year of 2013,[8] causing a controversy in the LES when the original venue for the party, the DL, came under fire from the local community board.[9] The DL claimed they fired Zand because they were unaware he was throwing a dance party.[10] Zand moved Dorian Gray to the Bowery Electric for its duration, and the party continued to receive favorable press.[11][12]

In 2014 Zand began a new event called Sex Fifth Avenue. The first edition took place at the Museum of Sex, where it was successful in cementing Zand's reputation for revitalizing NYC nightlife

born on July 15th, is a Cuban/Greek American PUNK/GLAM ROCK bilingual musician/artist with a Bachelor in Communications/Minor in Fine Arts from Seton Hall University.

As an opener of major Rock N Roll acts such as Skid Row, Kix, LA Guns, Bang Tango and more; Natasha went on to tour her musical  EP with hit single “Party of The Year,” found on iTunes.

As the face of American Apparel Natasha was featured in international advertisements including billboards, catalog, storefronts and an appearance on ABC’s 20/20...

While being published in Page 6, Vogue, Guitar World, Vice Magazine, The Aquarian and other publications, she has also made an acting debut in the award winning independent film “Defective,” & “Vamp Bikers Tres,” Film.  


(born April 29, 1966) is an American former club promoter, musician, and writer who served almost 17 years in prison for manslaughter. Alig was a founder and ringleader of the Club Kids, a group of young New York City clubgoers that became a cultural phenomenon during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Party Monster film Macaulay Culkin played his life story.  He served 17 years in prison for murder of Angel Melendez.

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